Canadian Life Style

The Perfect Storm

So it started when the board said we were going to be 20 minutes late. Then it was getting later ..plane wasn’t there yet. Weather problems in Dallas ..I was waiting in Dulles. Eventually got on plane with slim possibility of connecting. In flight pilot announced we were being diverted through Tulsa, Oklahoma adding half an hour to travel. Now no chance of connecting. There was a huge thunderstorm in Dallas, my destination. You could see it over in the distance as we got closer to Dallas. We came in from the West avoiding direct lightning. The pilot did a beautiful job of landing the plane. Unfortunately we were quite a ways from the terminal. The pilot announced that we had to wait for a gate..they were all full. Then he said we were among the lucky we are in Dallas over 2,000 passengers were sent to either Tulsa, Oklahoma or Austin, Texas. ..they needed to figure out how to get back to Dallas first before continuing the flight. The pilot explained that it was the perfect storm …planes were parked everywhere. The planes, pilots and crew were not in the cities where they needed to be. We sat on the tarmac with the pilot giving regular updates. Every gate had a plane parked at it… however they were empty. The airport had to get the few mechanics that they had to get in the planes and move them out of the way so our plane could arrive. We got to 2 hours when they said that water and would be passed out. Just as they got ready ..We started moving so back went the snacks. Finally got to the gate and then had to wait for the few that come and open the doors. Of course all flights were gone or cancelled…everyone had to get rescheduled. The attendants were exhausted. One attendant said she was going on break..She Never returned…no hotel rooms left..over 60 planes stranded overnight. So it was sleeping in airport. Airport up and running in the morning. Got breakfast at sit down restaurant and then time to track down gate changes. They were announcing 8am services in chapel for all that wanted to attend. I walked past a woman least in her fifties crying..I stopped and asked what was wrong..”I can’t get to my mother” I told it was going to be ok and that it will all work out. While we were sitting in plane I found I was sitting next to a Pakistani Mom and her sons…they were on they’re first trip to the US …Then a young family from Saudi Arabia also their first time in the States. Too bad what an intro.

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