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Traveling back to the States


So the last minute travel adventure begins. Cell phones issues have been a problem..just got cell phone SIM card changed back to US. Luckily I sat on the plane near a guy who works in the tech industry. He kindly changed the card for me. Delayed flights have been happening around the Smokey areas..there are always weather..possible rain…thunderstorm issues that can delay a flight. Hoping to avoid all.

Left Vancouver on time…hoping to have same luck Dallas to DC. Wonderful friend Mary Calhoun is my lifesaver for this trip. Last year she moved back to Maryland near where my brother lived. She has volunteered to drive the 90 minutes to Dulles and then the 2 hours where my Brother, George’s funeral services are being held tomorrow. She will stay and attend the funeral services with me for moral support and then drive me back to Dulles for my flight back to Canada We all need friends like Mary sometimes. The first leg from Vancouver Island was an interesting experience..A two prop plane ..there were 7 of us as passengers. The pilots took our boarding passes and led us out on the tarmac..”Follow me” Ok. I think I sat in the wrong place…I watched everything that went on in the cockpit. I got the definite impression the co-pilot was training the pilot. Lots of printed out papers flipped threw before and as we flew. It was a 15 minute flight. I saw the co-pilot reach over and push a lever that looked like it was supposed to be pushed by the pilot. Then I watched them laughing. I prepared myself for a bumpy landing …nope he did a good job. I wanted to clap and say good job..but I didn’t.

So now rocking and rolling on the flight to Dallas pretty much what I expected. Totally full flight. Bcrazyack to just a little belt sign off.

One thought on “Traveling back to the States

  1. Dear friend,
    You are too kind! It was my joy to be with you! What an adventure you had, no one would believe it is non-fiction!
    PS loved George’s beautiful family!

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