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Here I go ..planning on blogging my way through 2019.

Blogging is my 2019 New Year’s Resolution. I am starting in Pacific Beach (Crown Point) where I grew up and still live. My neighborhood has changed over the years but it is still my wonderful place to be… my happy place. Life here is exciting there is just so much going on and lots to share.

I’m starting with my sidewalk … such a busy sidewalk. A block from here down to the bay. People and dogs are passing by around the clock. Skateboards and so many of the new scooters used to get around. People carrying their beach chairs, blankets, picnics, surf boards etc. You can literally sit in the front yard and enjoy the hum and buzz of beach life.

The neighborhood has evolved from mostly families to old folks to people in their twenties and thirties and again young families are emerging. Such a happy thing to see. Being outdoors and enjoying the beach is a big part of life here. Seashells and sand between your toes is the norm.

My house has many seashells and out front are my treasured abalone shells that came from my childhood home on Law St. They have so many memories I couldn’t part with them. I remember when they were brought home and the abalone removed from the shell. I remember all the pounding that was part of tenderizing them in preparation for cooking. I haven’t eaten abalone for years but, I still remember how good they tasted. The inside of the shells are so colorful that gorgeous jewelry is often made from abalone shell.

The new Ring video surveillance is now installed at my home. I am learning about the night visitors that come to my back porch. One huge raccoon. He is kind of scary. He came up to my back door and poked his nose at it. I was glad I knew the door was locked. Then a visit from the oppossum. I think I need to study these guys …maybe even name them. I noticed white marks on the back of one of the oppossums. I don’t know if I have multiple of these guys or if they make return visits during the night.

3 thoughts on “Here I go ..planning on blogging my way through 2019.

  1. Peggy, I loved hearing how you describe the neighborhood changing. Its just a few words in a few sentences that contain decades of memories of you watching people come and go along your street. Even those abolone shells picked up and viewed by you so many times over so many years – you have changed, but they have not changed, and your memories of those shells pile up layer on layer over the years like pearls.

  2. Thank you for sharing this background information. I am looking forward to all of the things that you share with us throughout the year.

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