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Beyond Imagine

Imagine …one of my favorite words. Such a big part of thinking and creativity.

Some things seem beyond me and my ability to imagine. Always wowed by astronomy and space travel. Crazy to think about it.

But, NASA did imagine. Imagine sending out to the end of the universe an HD camera to Ultimate Thule, a 21 mile snowman shaped chunk of ice. Imagined going billions and billions of miles away to take pictures and to send them back to us. dream that and then do it. Wow!

Imagine how big is our universe, it is too, too far to the end, too, too many stars and other objects for me. It’s so hard for me to really imagine.

     Imagine …love the magic of that word …to imagine… a wonderful thing to do …so many imaginings.

In Central Park, New York is Strawberry Field. I took a horse drawn carriage there once. Found the one word memorial to John Lennon. “Imagine”… I felt the power of the word and experience..

Happy to be alive during a time when men and women dream so big and imagine such endless possibilities. Congratulations to NASA! Keep us all imagining.

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