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My Roller Coaster

My Roller coaster is 93 years old. It is the coaster of my childhood.

The coaster is at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, California. One of two roller coasters on the West Coast that were built of all wood.

Memories of a teenage girl riding and riding it. I can feel and hear it slowly creak up to the very top of the coaster. I remember how the tension builds as you head up. Then whoosh down it goes out and around it comes and then the screams. Arms up …I’m not afraid…I just can’t stop screaming.

I don’t have to be on that coaster. I know exactly how it feels …I know the thrill of it. Hands down it is the best Coaster around ..forget the modern crazy twisty upside down coasters. This is the joy of riding a coaster … can even snuggle up to your sweetheart.

There was a fire on the Coaster … luckily that was not the end…it was restored. Then it was sold and almost closed down. The people of San Diego would not hear of such a thing. Thank you San Diego can’t imagine the beach without it.

I love that I can see it every night across my bay. Such a beautiful sight all lit up and silhouetted against the sky. That coaster always has been and I hope always will be on my horizon. One of the treasures of my life.

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