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Our Piers

The piers go straight out into the ocean and stop. Today I was wondering why we built them. There are three …Ocean Beach pier, Crystal Pier and Scripps Pier. I have been on two of them many times. Scripps pier is used mainly for Oceanographic activities.

Nothing like going for a walk on the pier…bring your jacket it’s always cold out there.. go to the end and of course look out and over into the ocean…watch people fishing, surfing and holding hands strollng on a warm summer evening, watch the sunset and the waves splashing underneath the pier.

Walk underneath the piers and look at all the piles that hold it up.

See all the barnacles growing on the piles. Look out and down to the very end…a lesson in perspective.

Crystal Pier is known for the little cottages built on it. You can sleep above and listen to the splash of the waves.

The entrance to Crystal Pier is so recognizable that it has become the symbol of Pacific Beach. Storms can be hard on the piers …parts have fallen down and had to be rebuilt and in the winter high tides can bring waves splashing over the piers and they have to be closed to the public.

I was surprised to discover the pier has hours and you can’t go on it late at night. That became an issue for me when I wanted to go to the end of Crystal Pier and throw a flower lei into the ocean. My husband had passed on and his ashes were in the ocean. I wanted to share the lei with him. Grieving. I managed to talk the man with the key into letting me go on down to the end, toss it in and spend a little time.

Don’t know why we built them but I’m glad we did … it must be they were built for the pleasure and recreation that can only happen with a pier.

2 thoughts on “Our Piers

  1. Another great job! Your first picture is an old one, they still had wooden pilings. It was always a great place to take the girls.

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    1. I was raised in Southern California. The ocean piers were always special. I have many fond memories of them.

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