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Meeting Tourists

When traveling …Tell people you are from San Diego and you always get a positive response… like …lucky you. Walking around the beach bumping into people I used to assume everyone lives here. So wrong. Recently I have started asking “Do you live in San Diego?” Often the answer is no.

So I like to welcome them to my hometown … I know it is special. When I was a teenager I had no idea I lived in a great place. Meeting my future husband who was from Cleveland, Ohio helped me see San Diego through his eyes. I learned I lived in an amazing place.

Today I literally bumped into a beautiful family from New Zealand. They had been in San Diego 2 days. Our shopping carts ended up face to face down a crowded grocery aisle. The Dad backed his cart up until I could pass. Then began our grocery aisle tag. His son was riding in the cart seat. In the next aisle over we passed each going the opposite ways. We smiled and acknowledged each other. Then of course we passed each other on the next aisle and said,” hi”again. In the following aisle I could hear the son say to his Dad..”Where is she?” Then around the corner I came. His daughter pointed ..”There she is.”So I laughed and said, “Race you to the checkout stand.” “You’ll probably win …my wife is doing a lot of shopping.” About our shopping we went. When I got to the checkout stand there they were. I got in line right behind them. The son was excited to show me he had a little watermelon.

Such a great time we had chatting.

Those kids were on an adventure of a lifetime. Their first stop had been to Japan. Then they went to the UK for Christmas to visit their grandmother. They spent New Year’s Eve in Paris. Now they were here to explore California. I told them they were already in the best part.

The son was so excited …they had just picked up an RV yesterday and he couldn’t believe he got to sleep in a bed above the driver’s seat. The young daughter was happy because they were headed to Disneyland for her birthday. They were looking forward to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The wife shared that part of the adventure was at the airport. The TSAs told them come on in. We don’t care ….we’re not getting paid. Welcome to the United States. She was pretty surprised. Reality.

It is summer in New Zealand. They were on their summer break. When they get back home. They are moving to Australia. Imagine so much fun and excitement.

Really glad we bumped into each other. Pacific Beach Vons I have been told is the busiest one in San Diego. Wonder who I will meet next time and where they will be from. Grocery shopping in Pacific Beach is always an experience.

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