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How Did My Simple Life Get So High Tech?

I remember walking past a store in LA with my grandfather and seeing a tv in the window. Going to the neighbors house to watch Cecil and Beanie and getting our first tv. I remember when we bought one of the first portable calculators. We paid $60 for it. Then there was my big and heavy cell phone. People stared as they walked past me when I was talking on it at the shopping mall.

Now I have a smart phone, laptop, tablet, Alexa, Ring video surveillance and my Roomba I named it Claudette (My French maid). Alexa plays my music, my smart phone keeps me connected to everyone everywhere all the time. My Roomba cleans my floors and makes me laugh when it picks up my little rug and runs around the house with the rug on it’s “head. Ring keeps me posted on what’s happening around my house. Today two little neighborhood boys ran up the ramp … I didn’t even notice until Ring told me they were there. I watched them run past my car and peak on their tippy toes into it. Later I looked and didn’t see anything interesting in my car…just little boys natural curiosity.

Tonight I went to take my bath and the motion light for my Ring came on. Hmm had to go check my smart phone to see what was happening …a raccoon on my back porch. So on with my bath. Then when my bath was over back came the motion lights. Checked again …raccoon back but this time there were two of them.

There is so much to grab my attention with all this high tech… What happened to my simple life?

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