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The cup of coffee…can’t live without it

I actually remember the first time I was offered a cup of coffee. It was in the teacher’s lounge at an Elementary school across the street from my High School. I wanted to be a teacher so I took the cup and drank it. I really didn’t like it but, it was like part of a uniform. Soon after that I headed to college. I spent lots of hours in the school cafeteria between classes drinking coffee.

By then I loved it. I loved the smell and the feel of the hot liquid as I drank it….just to hold onto the cup was great ..a way to warm up. Pretty soon I was addicted to coffee. If I didn’t get a cup of coffee before 10am I got a crashing headache. A cup of coffee is a quick remedy for me even today if I happen to get a headache.

When I began teaching I would stop every morning at Winchell’s for a cup of coffee and a doughnut. The Perfect breakfast on the run. I would nurse that cup all day ..sipping it now and then. It became my reputation …people never saw me without a cup of coffee in my hand. It was eventually cold but, I didn’t care I loved it. I hated it when there was no coffee on my desk to go sip. Co-workers got to know one way to make me really happy was to bring me a fresh cup of coffee. Heaven.

Then I got in a diet program and they showed me how bad that doughnut was. Would you believe I thought it’s just a few bites so it can’t be that bad for you…I’m not eating that much.. The amount of grease that poured out of that doughnut in the microwave was shocking. So I changed my habit and luckily Starbucks started and there were healthier options. I swore off doughnuts entirely.

Now another addiction ..The really yummy Starbucks coffee. No I don’t get lattes or frappacinos etc. I just want a nice cup of black coffee. Tonight I was kind of surprised to hear the gal serving the coffee tell a customer…there is way more caffeine in a cup of coffee then espresso. Really!! I was sure espresso had more.

Oh Well! So now I’m a Canadian and there is a whole new coffee scene. They have Starbucks but Tim Horton’s is the coffee shop of choice. (Also known as Timmie’s) I like it but truthfully I still like Starbucks best. Now here was the shocker for me….Canadians eat doughnuts…what? That sinful food filled with so much fat? Oh yes…there is no protein box or any such healthy food in sight. It is big chocolatey doughnuts and doughnuts with sprinkles and on and on. How could they do that to their bodies?? Don’t they know?? Guess what eventually I joined them … after years of not letting a doughnut cross my lips there I was eating a doughnut with my Tim Horton’s coffee. It felt very Canadian. There is a secret though…the Canadians in Sidney,BC walk a lot. They don’t hop in their car every time they want to go somewhere. It took me awhile to get used to it but, pretty soon I was walking too. But, the guilt I had let me have a doughnut only every now and then.

The social part of having a cup of coffee and sharing a table and talking on and on is one if my favorite parts of drinking coffee. An important part of enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Tonight a lady just couldn’t help but talk about the spectacular sunset …Did you see it? Weren’t the colors amazing..yep they were intense. Thus began the coffee chat. Yeah for coffee!

2 thoughts on “The cup of coffee…can’t live without it

    1. Seems like many teachers have a love of coffee. When I was teaching I always had a cup of coffee on my desk each morning. I also had a hot, fresh cup of coffee after the students left for home in the afternoon. Even though I have been retired for some time now, I still have a nice cup of coffee between 3:30 and 4:00 each day.

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