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There is something Magic about Sunsets

Living on the edge of the Pacific Ocean gives you the opportunity to watch the sun go down and drop into the sea. Every night it is a kind of religious experience around here. No matter what is going on you will notice when it is almost time for the sun to set. People begin to gather, stop and face towards the ocean. It also gets very quiet. I sometimes take the time to notice ….yep it is true every single person is turned Westward towards the ocean. Even if they are dog walking or biking by. That fact amazes me and the idea that the setting of the sun is so powerful that it draws everyone’s attention. I love to see all of us doing the same exact thing.

Sometimes the sunset is just a darkening of the sky. Other times the color of the sky is so intense that it is hard to believe it is real. Pictures of the sunset show up everywhere and there is the urge to save it in a picture frame. Rainbows are wonderful but I love the magic of the sunset.

Another phenomenon around here is that everyone looks for what is called the green flash. On evenings when the horizon is sharp and clear just for an instant as the final part of the sun drops beneath the ocean your eyes can catch a green flash. Yes it is real …I have seen it a few times. It is a rare sighting so the challenge to see one keeps everyone watching the sun drop until the very end. When you see it you feel so excited. Victory.

I get disoriented when there is no ocean on the West and I am not sure where to look to find the sunset. On islands I have no idea where the different directions are. This is a fact that bothers me. I like to know my directions. Take the ocean away from the West and I am lost. When I was living in Sidney, BC I finally learned to look back towards the airport to find the sun setting. It didn’t feel right and I had to look toward the harbor to see the sun rising. The last time I left Sidney I was up early and as I turned down the street towards Robert’s Bay there it was the sunrise. Absolutely gorgeous. It felt crazy …at my home in Pacific Beach you look towards the mountains to see the sunrise.

Sweethearts, lovers and all of us feel the magic…So take your towel, blanket or beach chair with a little sip of something about 30 minutes before sunset and enjoy the ritual of waiting for the sun to drop into the ocean. It’s magic!

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