San Diego life style

Dockless Scooters …What Do You Think?

Dockless Scooters started popping up everywhere around here. Many sidewalks have scooters lined up next to each other. An app to your smart phone uses GPS to locate a scooter. With the app you unlock the scooter and off you go. Pick up the scooter where you are then ride to where you want to be and just leave the scooter right there. Then later continue your journey or you can permanently leave it.

There are thousands of them around San Diego. I like them. A great way to get somewhere and enjoy the outdoors. A super way to get around without a car worry about a parking space. Parking is a huge problem at the beach. So many electric scooters sprung up so fast that there were no regulations on how to use them. Scooters fell into sidewalks and pathways. Handicapped individuals found themselves blocked and unable to get around. Sharing the sidewalks was an issue. Riders were sometimes getting hurt. Wearing helmets is now a requirement.

It is currently a sensitive issue …how to run the electric scooter business. Hope it works out for everyone. It actually looks like fun.

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