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The Psychology of Shopping is Crazy

Advertisers study this but only occasionally do I come face to face with it. I remember getting into an argument/discussion with a gentleman at the tennis club who used to handle advertising at one of the local tv stations. I was telling him that I never paid any attention to advertising. He was sure I did.

Well I know for sure that I could not remember the names of different products and I was always terrible at those games where you were supposed to match the slogan to the product. I didn’t think that I brand shopped.

Of course this was all just denial. Later on I found it hard to try to shop at the 99cent store because the brands were missing. I will pay more money to buy the brand. Why? Somehow I believe one product is better than the other. Truthfully I don’t know that. Where is that gentleman now?? I need to tell him he was right and I was wrong.

Last night I had the shopping curse really bad. I was still working on exchanging a shirt from Christmas gifting. It was .. brand name … Salty Crew. That’s a local company that has taken off recently around here. So I was specifically shopping for Salty Crew… it costs more and doesn’t go on sale. I was so happy they were still open a little after 5…So I ran in to make the exchange. How was I feeling? … I was freezing!! I just couldn’t buy a light weight shirt when I was that cold. It was literally impossible. Guess what? Their sweatshirts had just come in …oh yeah!! So of course that is what I got and a couple more for the other kids because they were so cool! Let’s just say that exchange cost me.

Now the store owners and the kids that work there are my “friends.” Yep I think I hear them utter a loud “cha ching” every time I enter their store. Oh yes .. they know my name…all of them know me by name. (The Dad, Mom, and the sons.) I have actually bought 2 sailboats there. And my son worked out a trade to buy one of their family boats. No wonder they love me!!

I think people studying advertising should write me up as a case study. Yep… I am dangerous even grocery shopping. When I am hungry my shopping cart gets filled a lot higher. When I am feeling antsy and need just a little pick up it is fun to grab something cute at the store. What a crazy thing the psychology of shopping is. … and I am one of those people who says. I hate to shop.

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