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The Oldest Theme Park

It all began with a roadside stand on a farm. They sold Berries, Berry preserves and berry pies from that stand. A neighboring farmer,Rudolph Boysen had given Walter Knott 6 hybrid plants that were a cross of BlackBerry, red raspberry and loganberry. Walter planted them and cultivated them and then sold them at his stand. When people wanted to know what kind of berries they were he called them Boysenberries.

Tomorrow my family is headed to Knott’s Berry Farm and my first thought is to make sure we get to that restaurant for some Boysenberry pie. The Knott’s started that restaurant during the depression to help make ends meet. Cordelia Knott began serving chicken dinners with pie for dessert. They are still famous for that meal. I don’t think I ever ordered anything but that. Then I began buying Knott’s Berry Farms Boysenberry preserves in the grocery store. Tastes so good.

My next childhood memory from Knott’s Berry Farm is a little bottle with water and a few little pieces of gold. Panning for gold was the thing to do in the Ghost Town that Walter Knott created when he brought in some old buildings. There is entertainment in the music hall and drinks to be had at the tavern. I have an old family picture of my aunt, grandmother and her sister and brother inside that tavern. It has been a fun destination in my family for decades.

Those were the early days Knott’s Berry Farm is known for their roller coasters …all the roller coasters. They sell t-shirts in the gift shop that say…I road all the roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm. I won’t be riding the roller coasters but I will be doing the things from my memories. I can already taste the boysenberries…yum!

2 thoughts on “The Oldest Theme Park

  1. My mother was raised in Brea, CA. Her family knew the Knott family. My mother played tennis with some of the children of Walter and Cordelia Knott. My family went to the Knott’s Berry Farm many times in the 1950’s through 1970’s. We also always had the delicious chicken dinners with the wonderful boysenberry pie. We enjoyed the old western town activities and rides from that time period.

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