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Knott’s Berry Farm trip

The good news is that all the original Knott’s Berry Farm activities still exist. You can still pan for gold, you can talk to the man in the little jailhouse, you can go to the show in the saloon. You can ride the train and trian robbers will still come through the train asking for your valuables.

Now the dominant theme is riding the biggest, twistiest, hanging upside roller coasters man can possibly create. Hopefully you don’t think about it too much. You have to put a whole lot of faith in the men who designed them and believe all is safe.

I noticed I didn’t see lots of senior citizens walking around Knott’s Berry Farm. There were few young kids. Camp Snoopy was a place I missed and could be they were there. Height and age restrictions go with the rides. I heard the restrictions in Camp Snoopy are intended to keep teenagers out.

I do think the target audience for Knott’s Berry Farm is teens through 40s. Scare yourself to “death ” might actually be the reality for other age groups. Loved the original parts of Knott’s and hanging out there. The Boysenberries are still fabulous.

One thought on “Knott’s Berry Farm trip

  1. When I was a small kid, we would go to Knott’s Berry Farm and we would always come home with Boysenberry syrup. Great on pan cakes

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