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The Umbrella

What is an umbrella to a Southern California beach girl? Well it is the picture that is always used for the letter U on the alphabet card. It is something to buy and put in the trunk of your car…just in case it prepared…two are there now.

Preparing for the occasional rain in San Diego…The time is now. When I was in the sporting goods store today a women came in looking for rain boots for her cute little girls. No store around seemed to have them. She was not a San Diegan she even thought they were all sold out. Truthfully they probably never had them.

I remember owning a pair of rain boots when I was a little girl. The only purpose they served was for “play walking in them “…never used them for rain. When I do get caught in the rain I hurry from place to place usually without the umbrella…just getting a little bit wet. This January we are getting more rain than usual and the umbrella is showing up.

Umbrellas are popping up for sale in the stores … and they are also actually popping up covering people walking in the rain. Most often the San Diego sight is seeing people run for it. That’s what I normally do.

Over twenty years ago I took an extra job working in a Mission Valley department store. Umbrellas were for sale where I was… luckily near the store entrance. Some customer’s wanted to open them up inside the store. Oh no!…I told them you can’t do that …It is bad luck to open up umbrellas inside a building. How Did I know that? …My mother taught me about that important superstition. I actually asked them to try it outside before they paid for it. Crazy!

My son and family tell me I am always buying them umbrellas…they have plenty…I bought most of them. I’m not sure why. I keep thinking they might need one. Maybe this year it will be true.

There was a great post was on Facebook saying …ladies!! People who live where it rains all the time don’t use umbrellas. What? How could that be? It’s true …hoods are the answer. Waterproof jackets with hoods. I met my granddaughter today …It was raining… we were not carrying umbrellas. We both had jackets with hoods.

Normal years rain rarely pours from our skys. Maybe that will change this year. I tried to use my umbrella the other day. I had a bunch of groceries in my car and I thought the umbrella would keep me dry in the rain. I carried the umbrella in one hand and the grocery bag in the other. It took me several trips and I set them on my porch where it was dry. Then I unlocked the door and started to carry the bags in. I had to step over all the bags ..boom I fell right down on my bum. Hmm…I’m not an organized umbrella user.

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