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Carol Channing’s Passing Reminds me of my Chance Encounter with Her

Barbara and I took off one weekend to go visit Alice and enjoy her new Palm Springs Condo. It was a great place right on the golf course. We sat around talking and laughing until we got hungry and ready for lunch. We piled in the car and took off down the road.

I noticed a sign that said Jack Sheldon and Trio tonight. So I talked them into getting reservations for the show. I love live entertainment. He was the support music for the Merv Griffin show. After eating we came back poking around …we found a piano bar and were getting ready to sit down when a man running the show directed us to get seated for the Jack Sheldon show. Shoot I wanted to listen at the piano bar. So feeling kind of spunky I said well you better get us some good seats. They put us right up front by the stage. So we continued our talking and giggling and pretty soon Barbara said ..That’s Carol Channing over there. No way! Yep straight across from us on the other side of the stage was Carol Channing and her entourage. Unbelievable.

Well that was just the beginning. Up onto the stage came the Jack Sheldon trio. Next in walked Merv Griffin. What we didn’t realize was it was opening night of Merv Griffin’s new night club. It held about 75 people. Turned out many of Merv’s Palm Spring friends were in the room. They started bantering back and forth with Jack Sheldon teasing them and having a ball. Soon we saw Suzanne Sommers and her husband. Jack got her up on the stage to perform and teased her about her thigh machine. Keely Smith was there she got on the stage…Carol Channing came up and got on stage ..Anna Maria Alberghetti also there but, she had a show to do the next night so did not perform..Oh there was such a party going on. Of course Merv Griffin got up.

Barb, Alice and I couldn’t believe it …how did we end up in such a really fun party? Well when it was over our heads were spinning …not just because of drinks. Merv was standing against the wall outside. So we stopped and told him how much fun we had. He was glad.

Well I wasn’t ready to end the night. I still wanted to hit that piano bar. The piano player had left and there was just one old couple sitting there. But we needed some unwind time and so we sat down and ordered a drink. The couple seemed concerned and let us know they were waiting for someone. Fine..no biggee. Well it turned out they were waiting for Carol Channing and her entourage to join them.

Along she came and they all sat down and scooted the chairs so they could have a cozy little conversation circle. Next thing you know they opened up the circle and asked us to join them. Are you kidding…of course. We had the best time chatting and hanging out with them for about an hour.

So tonight when I heard of Carol’s passing I couldn’t help but remember that incredible night when I hung out with Carol Channing.

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