San Diego life style

You Can’t Get Bored In San Diego

San Diego is such a happening place there is no time to be bored.

The Chargers left San Diego to go to Los Angeles because they didn’t get what they wanted in support from our town. I felt that was ok …they were my grandfather’s team when he lived in LA. So we returned them.

The problem with being in San Diego is we have so many choices and so much to do. You have to be good to keep our attention. Winning helps.

Right now we are having a little more weather than usual. Look out towards the mountains and there it is snow. Look towards the ocean and we are getting the big waves and the extraordinary winter sunsets. How exciting,

We have many great Sporting Events …coming soon the Farmer’s Open golf tournament at Torrey Pines golf course. Tiger Woods and many of the top players will be there. What a beautiful place to be and see. How do they keep their eye on the ball?

We have colleges and universities with fun teams to follow. My heart is always with the San Diego State Aztecs. There is something special about a college game and their marching bands.

There is never a day when we stay inside for long. It’s a habit to go outside. Walk , run, stroll along the miles of beaches or possibly head to San Diego’s downtown park. Balboa Park with nonstop events and most of our museums and including the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Our many theaters big and small are Tony Award winning. Restaurants everywhere for every kind of taste…you can eat out every day at a different yummy place and still not make it to all of the great ones.

As a Realtor it has always been a challenge to know when to hold Open Houses … some days are just not worth it because you know everyone is outside having fun. As for timing …make them later and stay with your Open House ’til 5. That way you catch people headed home from their fun day.

Lots to do on or near the ocean besides sport fishing we are right in the middle of our Whale Watching season. The California Gray Whale is headed down to Mexican waters where they have their babies. Oceanographers contribute to our excellent Scripps Aquarium.

Can you tell I volunteered at the San Diego Visitor’s Center?. I loved sharing my town with visitors. They always reminded me of what an incredible town San Diego is when they said again and again I wish I lived here. Don’t tell me you are bored …I won’t believe it. There is too much to do.

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