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Nothing like Music

I have been visiting a friend who is on hospice care and on day seven of no food and water. He has been down and looked like he was passing 3 different times. Today was another rally day. Yesterday I thought he was going to die right in front of me.So today I spent time talking with him and told him goodbye in case he passes.

When I walked out into the hall I heard a live band entertaining at the facility singing “You are my Sunshine”. What a pick me up I instantly felt better and went on in to listen to them. They were just starting and were going to perform for an hour. I decided they were just what I needed and so I stayed and listen for their entire set.

The head nurse for the weekend (a Canadian) told me the guitar player was her husband. They were really good. It turns out that the nurse and her husband are from Ontario …many of my relatives were from there including my mother. Then they currently have a home in Saskatchewan. Well that is where my Dad was born. Then as part of their group they had a Cajun fiddler from Lafayette, Louisiana Cajuns home, I have been there a couple of times.

These people volunteer every Saturday afternoon. It is a wonderful sharing of their talent. Today I was the one who received the joy they bring. I thanked them it was music to lift my spirit.

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