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I Love A close Football Game

Yesterday’s games were fantastic!

You know there are football teams in Canada too. My Saskatchewan relatives are fans of the Roughriders. (That is a rugby team Isn’t that the same as football? Still working on becoming a part of Canadian culture. I know they are fans like we are with our football. And it is called the Canadian Rugby Football League) Hmm!

When I worked in the program office a recruiter came to get the secretary’s son to go to college in Nebraska. It was quite a big negotiating and business deal. He became their quarterback. At the end of his college career he joined a Canadian football team. (Steve Taylor did play on a football not rugby team …I think …and he loved it.)

The national sport in Canada is not football it is officially Ice Hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the summer. There’s a lot of soccer on the tv every summer … I am still not good at being a Canadian sports fan…I am never sure what is going on. I do know the get togethers to cheer are lots of fun. In the US there is Basketball, Baseball, Football and Soccer. But the only one I like to watch is football.

My love of close football games began by cheering for the Mission Bay High School Buccaneers. Our team had no place to play so all of our home games were played at La Jolla High. Our team was good and we had lots of fun and many close games. The marching band and cheerleaders added to the excitement. I actually learned the rules…but never the referees hand signs and calls.

Then I attended San Diego State when Don Coryell was the coach. It was a top time for Aztec football. The Marching Aztecs were incredible. His nickname was “air Coryell” for great passing and winning at the last minute games. After the excitement of Coryell footbalI I was hooked on the game. Then Coryell joined the Chargers…I was a fan more of Coryell football than the team.

Many wives hate football season. For me it is a fun season. The playoffs yesterday were so much fun …two overtime games. Living at the beach you can hear the cheers, boos and excitement ringing through the neighborhood during game time. What a great release from the stress of daily life.

I’m not sure about Super Bowl Sunday …Tom Brady again. That game is usually a let down for me. Too much hype and craziness. I truly love the playoffs best. Of course I’ll watch because I do enjoy the excitement of a good football game.

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