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The Tallest Star Pine

I have the tallest star pine in the neighborhood. I love that tree. You can see my tree from across the other side of Mission Bay. I have often showed my friends how we can find the location of my house by looking for the tallest among the treetops. It is in my front yard.

A lot of these trees were planted when Pacific Beach was first paving it’s streets. As a little girl I watched Law Street,where I lived, get paved. Across from my house a star pine was planted. Later when I was an adult that tree was taken down. I was sad to see that.

When I first moved to my Crown Point home there were several star pines still on my block. The first thing I noticed was home owners top off those trees. That looked really bad. Eventually the owners of the trees would continue the process and I’d hear the chain saws chopping down the tree. Still today when I hear a chain saw chopping down a tree it upsets me. I go running out to see who is chopping down what.

I had an arborist come check my tree several years ago and the tree was declared healthy. The truth is I worry about it. When it wasn’t getting much water in the summer I tried to get it watered. Recently it has been getting a nice amount of water.

One nightmare I have is that it will come crashing down someday. Today I heard on the news a tall pine came crashing down on a home in Point Loma. That’s a neighboring community. Unfortunately two people sleeping in a bedroom were killed. That is the worry I have had from time to time. During a wind storm I usually look up to see how it is doing. It doesn’t help that living at the beach my soil has a lot of sand.

I have wondered what kind of root does such a tall tree have. The report was the tree that fell was a 75 to 100 foot tree. My tree is at least that. It looks like the pine was a Torrey Pine not a Star Pine…is that an advantage ? More high winds expected…keep hanging in there good old pine.

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