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Why a Trainer?

Exercise is a common goal for me at the start of a new year. I have belonged to several different gyms and clubs to motivate myself to exercise.

One of my first was George Brown’s racquetball club. When I first went there his equipment was all designed for men. The weights didn’t go down low enough to allow a woman move them on her own. George would come over and help me push the weights on the machines.

Eventually he realized that his club was not just appealing to men and he got some machines women could move on their own.

The best part of his club was playing racquetball. It was such a great game and so much exercise. A group of my girlfriends got into meeting after work and sometimes on the weekend. The design of the club allowed guys to hang over from a top walkway and watch us play. We were loud and noisy so we often found an audience. Our problem with that workout was, it was right next to Filippi’s pizza and the smell ..I swear was piped over to the doors of the club. We often headed straight for the pizza.

Next my family joined the San Diego Tennis and Raquet Club. We were charter members. So I had to switch to tennis to participate in the complete use of the facilities. There I discovered jazzercise and added those classes along with tennis. Lots of social activities for the whole family. We had a great time. Eventually other life distractions took our time and the cost was too much.

Then I got free initiation to join the Aventine at the Hyatt Regency. A different kind of club. They would have fashion shows while you were peddling the bikes and using the treadmills and attendants would bring you juices. It was not on my way to anywhere that I normally traveled. Eventually I stopped going.

I started teaching at Torrey Pines Elementary and across the street was the La Jolla YMCA so I joined the Y. I realized it was a fine place to hang out to exercise. I am still a member of the Y.

So by now I consider myself totally capable of using the workout machines on my own. I never ask for help and put a little workout routine together for myself. Sometimes I work out with lots of energy but if I am tired I skip some machines or do fewer reps. I am easy on myself.

Life has taught me I need to work out to develop my muscle strength. Motivation to keep going. The big surprise is I need a trainer.

Wow what a difference it makes. One hour nonstop with the trainer counting and continually checking your form. It is a great use of the workout time.

So proud today I got a high five at the end of my workout and lots of good jobs. I have been denying myself a trainer because it was an extra charge. The fact is today I realized the quality of my workout is much better with the encouragement of a trainer. Muscle strength has become real important to me. That means the cost of a trainer is totally worth it.

Why a trainer? Now the exercise is targeted to me.

One thought on “Why a Trainer?

  1. I was one of your friends that played racketball with you. I loved that sport and the fun that we had playing it. Yes, we often went for pizza after playing. I can still remember going with you and Bruce and your boys for pizza on many occasions. Fun memories!
    Susan Hinzpeter

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