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This Weekend Beautiful Weather at Torrey

Here we go again sharing our sunny days on TV. The Farmer’s Open Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines is broadcasting our little heat wave across the country. The rest of the country at the same time is experiencing winter weather. Some places extremely cold. I think this is giving a false impression. We have had rain and wind. Some of our temperatures have been in the 30s and 40s. There is snow in our mountains.

Well I want to say that I have been extremely cold. I have been digging in my closet looking for warm coats. I have had to get out my uggs to keep my feet warm. I don’t own an electric blanket. I am about to go to the store to buy one. Last weekend I had to put a blanket on my bed. My heater is not working while I am buying an electric blanket I will also buy a space heater. It is too cold outside at night. I have had to bring my cats in …even when they want to stay out.

It is not sunny every day in San Diego. It is true I have heard people talking about playing our annual game of bragging. They are posting pictures of our sunny days to share with their family and friends back East. That is a sport many who live here love to play. “Sunny and warm wish you were here.” Truth is I don’t think it is the people who grew up here. It is those who moved here and are so glad.

The pictures coming from Torrey Pines are going to be absolutely gorgeous. Hope they remind all we have earthquakes, fires and traffic jams. A friend asked me if I remember what it was like in Pacific Beach before everyone moved here. Yes I do and it was wonderful. The secret is it is still wonderful…everyone will see that at Torrey this weekend.

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