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Love that Open Space called Mission Bay

As I headed to the store and turned toward the bay I saw the sun was going down. It thrills me and makes my heart sing to see this evening ritual… people stopped along the sidewalk arms around each other watching the sun go down. I drove to the store with a smile on my face. I live in such a happy place.

When I came back tonight I rounded the bend along the bay to be greeted by the lights sparkling on the bay from across the way. So beautiful. I started thinking about how important that open space and the opportunity to look across the bay is vital to my view. I realized why the sunrise views are not the same for me. For those I look across the street and above buildings and that’s definitely not the same. When I try to take a picture of the sunrise I aim high above the buildings…hmm miss a lot of the beauty.

While I was thinking about this I was reminded how I felt in downtown New York City. There are many exciting things going on there and lots to see and do. The air doesn’t flow among those tall buildings the same way it does here. I start feeling kind of suffocated and anxious to get back to the beach. I didn’t even notice a sunrise or sundown while I was there. I remember how I loved stepping off the plane in San Diego and looking out smelling that beach air.

The art lessons with watercolor paints in school came to mind. We did watercolor washes with pinks and oranges and down below the black sillouhettes. I chuckled to myself when I realized it never occurred to me to make anything but Palm trees. They were there for me tonight those sillouhettes I grew up with. That’s my environment and the mind picture locked in my thoughts. Glad the open space that is Mission Bay gives me so many beautiful sights.

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