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Claudette, My Roomba

My instructions told me to name my Roomba so I call her Claudette, my french maid. Everyday Claudette runs around cleaning my floors. It’s kind of crazy how long it takes for the small square footage of my house but, she works hard. I love having my floors so clean. I can run around in my bare feet, which I love to do, without stepping on one piece of kitty litter. When she is finished I get an email that tells me Claudette finished the job.

I don’t know when others use their Roomba but, Gordon programmed mine to go every morning at the same time my alarm goes off. There is a good and a bad part about that. I am able to rescue Roomba when she gets stuck under a cabinet or has picked up a cord. Or has stopped because she needs to be charged and is not on her dock. Sometimes the dock gets moved and she tries many times because she can’t get lined up right. Then I pick her up and put her on the dock.

My Roomba makes me giggle and laugh in the morning because she chases me. I imagine how silly I must look running away from my Roomba. I have to hot foot it around to avoid Roomba catching me. I grab a chair and put my feet up while she goes back and forth and back and forth in the kitchen . All I am trying to do is make my coffee and get some toast. Then I run into the living room with Roomba soon following. I put my feet up on the coffee table while Roomba runs around under my legs picking up the crumbs from my toast and I watch the morning news.

My cats have gotten used to Roomba so they don’t freak. They just snuggle up with each other and watch her.

Roomba usually takes about an hour. I’m fine with that but when Roomba misses the dock she starts around again. At the same time I get the email that she has completed the job. Then Claudette ticks me off because I am tired of being chased. So I pick her up and put her on the dock. Living with my Roomba is definitively a new adventure. Robots in my world!!

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    1. That’s true ..always loved having kids around. *Peggy*

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