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Thinking About the Weather

Jami in Chicago and all I know in the midwest. I can’t imagine moving around in the extreme cold you are enduring. I am so spoiled that I expect sunshine and comfortable temperatures. My back door is open and I can listen to the rain gently landing in my backyard. The temperature is comfortable and I’m glad to feel the fresh air.

My cats have no choice they have to come in at night. I don’t want them in and they love to be outside. I know if I don’t bring them in the neighbors will be by bringing them to me. They have collars with their name and address. People walking by already bring my male cat to me when they find him outside. They have no idea how much he loves being out there. I imagine the next month they will be inside every night even though they don’t want to be here.

The really dangerous weather has me wondering and worrying about what life is stuck outside in the extreme. I listened to a lady who was spending hours looking for the homeless in Chicago and getting them to the warming areas. She confessed she has had little sleep. I think about the guy who set off on his bicycle to ride all across the US as a fund raiser he is probably in the Midwest somewhere.

The serious condition of frostbite happens in such a short time. Scary. I assume many animals will die for lack of shelter in the cold. I remember driving in Northern New York and seeing all the barns where horses live in the winter. What about all those birds that flew South for the winter. Did they fly far enough South to escape this weather. I have been waiting for warmer weather before I fill the bird feeders …I don’t want to attrack them to my yard before it is a good place to be. I’m afraid there will be some really sad stories about what has happened under all that snow.

Definitely happy to be a Southern California girl. I wouldn’t survive in that crazy weather. I don’t know the strategies. I heard someone say they were wearing seven layers of clothes. Can you even walk with that many. I think I would fall over backwards and not be able to get up. Stay safe you all and I hope weather returns to comfortable soon.

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