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Jersey Boys

It’s a rainy day and I hit Netflix. I found Jersey Boys …wow..I forgot they made that into a movie. Jersey Boys was my once in a lifetime theater experience. Nothing will ever top it. I was sitting on the La Jolla Play house Board when Des MacAnuff pitched the play to the board. He and Frankie Valli were collaborating on the play and he was very excited. Then production began and the La Jolla Playhouse was premiering Jersey Boys.

I was part of a volunteer group called the Partners. We always have a Tech Night dinner for the actors and entire production team. That night Des invited us to come in and watch their first dress rehearsal…even then it was a knock out. There was quite a story to tell.The play was so well received and the run extended several times All of us saw it many times. When it was New Year’s we had a Jersey Boys party with everyone. Then at Humphries the real Four Seasons with Frankie Valli performed with our actors. What a fabulous night seeing our guys up on the stage with the Four Seasons.

The partners group got attached to these guys. Then as always intended we got word they were going to Broadway. Our shows had been sold out every night. One show I went out in the lobby during the show and there was Frankie Valli. We were the only two there so we started talking. He was really nervous about taking the show to Broadway. He said I know the La Jolla crowd loves it but , what do you think about the Broadway group? Are you kidding they are going to go nuts. It is an East Coast story..All the play goers we get with East Coast roots fall in love with it. During the run of the play we met Bob Guadio, and Frankie Valli several times. Even Tommy Devito came once.

When they opened on Broadway a group of us from the La Jolla Playhouse went to see them during previews. Just as we all knew Jersey Boys was a hit on Broadway.

They were nominated for several Tony Awards. We had a big Tony Awards party at the Playhouse and the Awards were streamed live. It was so exciting to watch them win and hit the big award for the best musical.

An experience that is once in a lifetime. Enjoying the movie but there is nothing like seeing it in the theater and being a part of all the standing ovations. I betcha I’ll watch this Netflix again. I could never see it enough when it was at the Playhouse.

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