San Diego life style

A Big Ho Hum in PB

What happened to all the excitement? Super Bowl Sunday and I cruised by all the beach bars along Garnet between my house and my Office. Nothing … no noise…dead..quiet? The police were out standing by the bars amiably chatting with the customers. How am I to know how the game is going? I have always been able to follow Super Bowl and other football games while going about my business in PB …just the shout of the crowds keeps me posted. Coming back from my office to my house still no enthusiasm and buzzing coming from the beach bars. What’s going on? Then the biggest shock when I turned onto my block..(party central during most big games)…it was dark…no one home. Quieter then most nights. Wow!!

So got inside turned on the tv…well past half time. Only 3 points scored …oh no wondered. Not much game joy here. Hope the ads were fantastic. Not so for the ones I managed to see. Kind of glad I got called away to other business …looks like it was much more enticing


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