San Diego life style

My Popsicle Gang

When I first moved back to the beach all the families had grown up and moved out. I was living with the twenty and thirty somethings and there was a lot of beach partying. It’s funny but with time neighborhoods change. Now over 20 years later those guys and gals got older but they still wanted to live here at the beach.

The marriages happened the little guys started appearing. Of course I absolutely loved that. I would walk along the bay and find the Mom’s with their babies at the park on the bay at the end of Fanuel St. visiting with each other and playing with their kids. So thrilled to see the kids returning.

I have 3 families where their kids are mine.. they get to come visit ..always call out, ” hi Peggy whenever they see me outside. There is a little motivator…I always have popsicles in my freezer. This was great for them in the Summer. But, today it was pouring down rain. They came running up asking for their popsicles. I’m going to need to have them ask for something else. I love those little kids.

Several people have told me stories about the little old lady that lived on their block when they were kids. They said every neighborhood seemed to have one and the kids loved to stop by and see her. Kind of a crazy feeling to be that old lady on my block now but, I will live with it. Part of the adjustment of the senior life at the beach. Still enjoying the sunsets and sand between my toes.

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