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Happy Chinese New Year

So now it is the year of the pig. The Chinese zodiac is a fascinating one with 12 different animals. The pig is the 12th animal. I know my zodiac is the year of the horse the 7th animal. Each animal has characteristics that are supposed to be a part of people born during that year. Funny how we can make that work and seem to see those characteristics in ourselves or others. People born in the year of the pig are supposed to be honest and frank in their personalities. They have an accomodating personality and are light-hearted ..I love this one…they usually fall asleep easily. And on it goes. How fascinating that we care about such ideas.

I have always enjoyed talking with the kids that celebrate Chinese New Year. The most exciting part is the little red envelopes that they get from their family members. Inside …money!!

Red is the lucky color.

The kids get to stay up late…midnight and they wear brand new clothes. Before the new year they clean their house and get out all the evil spirits with loud noises, fire crackers and the dragon winding along the street. Lots of fun. It is a big family time. People travel for miles to be together for Chinese New Year. GREAT times!!! “Gung hai fat choy.”

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