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Really Cold for a Beach Girl

Well to me it’s cold, really cold. Not my usual Southern California nighttime temperatures.The worst part of that is my heater is broken.

So the other night I decided to get warmed up by taking a hot bath. Before I got in the bath I turned on the heater in my fake fireplace, a space heater and an electric blanket. I figured by the time I came back to the living room it would be nice and warm. When I got out …big disappointment. My house was totally dark and no heat. I had blown the fuses. Well it was pouring down rain and the breaker box is outside so I stayed in the cold dark house.

     Last Christmas I bought a glove with lights on it. I got it so I could see outside and have light when I am trying to flip the switches and turn the electricity back on. I have already used it once. I spent the night in a cold, dark  house… in a cold, dark house…no fun in a cold, dark house. The next morning I ordered a new heater. Still a week before they come to install.

I watch the news and see temperatures around the country at historic lows. I can’t imagine how people can exist when it is like that. I don’t like being cold. I want my sunshine and warm temperatures back. I have several more days of cold and frost warnings. That’s not ok …brrrrr!

2 thoughts on “Really Cold for a Beach Girl

  1. Peggy-I had a similar experience just last week. My furnace “died” so I immediately ordered a new one to replace it. They said that it would take 5 days for it to arrive so that it could be installed. Since I live in Eastern Oregon and we have been having snow and temperatures in the teens and 20’s, I went and bought five electric heaters for the bathrooms, living room, bedrooms. I used all of these heaters and my electric blankets. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we wouldn’t lose electricity as we often do here because of storms. When it is this cold it is important to keep the water pipes in the house warm so that they don’t freeze and break. Luckily, the new furnace arrived in 3 days and they came out immediately and installed it. I now have a new, working furnace and am appreciating it every day.

    1. It definitely helps us appreciate a heater. Usually not an issue but this year is crazy. Glad we can both be snuggy now.

      Peggy Fleury

      On Thu, Feb 14, 2019, 3:27 PM California Girl in British Columbia

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