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Girls Keep Your Mouth Shut and Smile Inside

Today begins the new heater adventure. So far I have discovered a lot by interviewing 3 different heater companies. The best choice was obvious but, each gave me new tidbits of information. The bad news when they show up is that my heater is under my house. I escorted them to the back yard and showed them the crawl space. Moan!!!

I learned about my options of heating my house with all the new technology even able to turn my heater on and off with Alexa from my couch. I just want a SIMPLE on/off switch that I can go to myself and flip on and off. So old fashioned am I.

So one of the guys had been installing heaters for 30 years and he totally understood what a pain the job was going to be. I laugh every time I think of how fast he ran from the job. It was hilarious. It seems all of a sudden he was slammed and wouldn’t be available until March. He was the only guy smart enough to measure the entrance to the crawlspace. Turns out it was smaller than the heater measurements. Oops! When he left I followed him to his truck to get his card. He and his buddy were sitting in a daze staring out the windshield. A hysterical image still fresh in my mind. Surprise his estimate never arrived.

Another guy came determined to have the lowest bid so he proposed using the inferior brand and was surprised I insisted that he get a permit and the required by law HRS inspection. That messed up his bid and he came in the highest.

So I called back the original guy to share with him the fact the crawlspace was too small. He said no problem he had already considered that and it was fine. Ok! Pretty soon I got a call…they were going to drop by just to double check the measurements. Turns out it is too small. But, they had a solution. They would take the heater apart at the shop and then reassemble under the house. Ok! Now I have a warped sense of humor and all of this has me laughing inside. I get yet another call. They have decided that maybe they don’t want to take the heater apart. So this morning a “professional” cement cutter is coming to cut enough away to allow the guys to get their heater under the house. No extra cost to me. Hmmm!

So the adventure begins. I learned long ago when I had such great helpful hints for my husband when he was working on plumbing issues to keep my mouth shut. In fact I learned to leave the house until the job was done. Then to just admire it and say nothing.

I have utmost respect for how hard guys work and that frequently jobs don’t go as they thought but, I can’t help but get tickled as I observe the process. My mouth shut and chuckling inside as I get my heater installed. I will do my best not to watch.

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