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The Times they are a Changing

So when I was getting used to living in my Canada home in Sidney on Vancouver Island, BC I had several discussions about weather in the winter. I was wondering if I could live there in January and February. I felt quite confident that it gets cold and rains but it doesn’t snow. That was important to me because I don’t know how to drive in the snow. The residents told me about snuggling down around fireplaces, reading books…there are 6 different bookstores in that small town plus a beautiful library.

That is when they get busy with their crafts and projects. There are many artists of different kinds in the Southern part of Vancouver Island. When driving around there are road signs that point the way to a painter, potter, glass blower etc. Vancouver Island is the only place where I have ever seen direction signs to an artist. So it was explained that winter is a great time for working on these projects. Well I was thinking about that when I realized that it gets dark earlier and in general not much sunshine. That’s why there are so many snowbirds from Canada here in the winter months. Cold…dark!

Well now my unexpected has been happening in Sidney. It is snowing. It has snowed for 3 days and more is expected. What!! That is so rare from what I was told. Victoria airport is covered in snow. The ferries had to adjust their schedules. Snow is piling up along the main streets in Sidney.

Sidney has many statues in town…one of my favorite is a man sitting on bench with his back to the harbor. Every day I would see that he was holding fresh cut flowers. I loved seeing that someone placed new flowers daily. Oh no, I found a picture of him sitting in the snow with no flowers.

Seeing that makes me happy to be in Pacific Beach for the winter. It is raining here more than usual and it is cold. But our cold is in the thirties and forties. I am complaining about freezing.

The crazier news …It is also snowing on the hills in Maui. Snow in Hawaii for sure I have never heard of that. Proof the times are changing. Maybe this year there won’t be any terrible fires in August in BC or in California.

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