San Diego life style

Water Water Everywhere

Our rainfall is more than usual by a long shot. We have already had 10 inches in just January and February. That is more than usual totals for the entire year for many years.

I wonder what this will be like in the Spring. I am thinking many more green plants

Beautiful flowers and green lawns. I am wishing I had planted more in my yard to take advantage of all the water. When I am in Canada I love all the vegetation and realize that is because of all their rain. Hopefully I can grab some plants and get them planted before the next batch of rain. Wouldn’t it be fun if my yard was lush and green like the yards in Canada.

Unfortunately we are not prepared for the water flow. I heard many flash flood warnings coming across the radio. The images on tv showed roads with big sink holes due to water rushing under the road washing away ground that held the road up. Driving is dangerous for many reasons…The biggest problem is we are not prepared to live with so much rain.

It is wonderful to see the preparation of the first responders coordination and planning. Many rescues have been made. Unfortunately one individual lost his life when he decided to go stand up paddling on the newly formed river. It was moving a lot faster than expected. First responders had trouble finding him and then it was too late.

I have another thought that I hope won’t come true. All this growth will create lots of fuel for the fires we have in the fall when the plants have dried out. Oh I hope not…that is not a good cycle.

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