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Getting Permits

I am a firm believer in permitting work that is done on your home. It feels so good to me when I know someone comes checks and verifies that the workers did a professional job. HRS inspector was at my home today. That is a 3rd party inspection of the ducts installed with a heater. He checked it all out and told me everything looked good. That made me happy. He said next the city inspector will come and then the final permit will be issued. By the way it is the law that permits are issued and HRS inspectors come.

Apparently many people choose to skip getting permits. I think that is very foolish. When I had my bathroom and kitchen remodeled I insisted on pulling permits. I was so glad. When the inspector came to look at the bathtub tile work he found that they were using the wrong drywall ..not the required green board for water areas. He shut the job down. They were required to change it out and put the right green board in. The workers were unhappy. I was thrilled. It was important to put the correct board.

Permitted work is required when it comes time to sell your home. When I was selling a house in Encinitas they needed permits for the remodel but they didn’t get any. A city inspector came to look inside the walls to check on the work. Luckily they had taken pictures of the work. They were able to get a permit after the fact. The buyer’s lender would not loan on unpermitted work.

I think people see permits as the city taking their money. I see permits as the city protecting me and assuring the quality of the work performed. Love my permits.

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