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Tech Night at La Jolla Playhouse

The La Jolla Play house is famous for many things. Being a theater located on a major college campus in a beautiful part of town. Producing several Tony Award winning plays, encouraging young playwrights and producing a number of original


One of the best kept secrets is the volunteer group that supports the play house … The Partners..this year makes it 30 years the play house partners have existed. Over those years they have been called on to do a variety of things. I remember having the privilege of digging through the archives and putting together an exciting display about Des McAnuff for our Welcome Back party. He was returning to be Artistic Director again for a few more wonderful years of La Jolla theater. He is still by far my favorite director. He has an unmistakable style creative and snappy…keeps it all moving no draggy moments. I love it. During his second reign he brought the Jersey Boys to premiere here. So much fun.

Well our partners volunteer group has a reputation among the actors and actresses across the country. They know we put on a special’s called Tech Night. At the end of their first day of full rehearsal when they are tired and stressed they are invited to dinner. All the partners bring in their home cooked meals and set out quite a spread. Decorate the tables and use tablecloths. The actor and actresses can sit down and relax together and just unwind. It is a great experience for them and we are quite famous for our tech nights. It is fun for the Partners too. When the actor and actresses are done the volunteers get to eat. It is a great social event for all.

Not to confuse you all who know me …don’t worry I don’t cook anything. The last two times I have brought in yummy loaves of bread from Charlie’s Bakery with cream cheese. That has been a big hit and goes well with the other dishes. They are working on a brand new,musical called Diana. Anxious to see how it goes. Should be good. Another great theater experience.

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