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A Big Gust of Wind

It is taking some getting used to this winter. We are actually experiencing weather. We have been so used to sunny days with slight changes in temperature throughout the year. Maybe a little overcast but clearing by noon. Our usual outdoor plans don’t include much thought about the weather. This year you need to think about the possibility of warmer clothes. When I bump into tourists I apologize and say so sorry our weather isn’t usually this bad.

Tonight a big gust of wind came whipping through. The branches of my trees were waving around and I opened my blinds to watch all the action. It was quite a show.

A nightmare scenario took place at Sea World from that gust of wind. People were riding in gondolas high above Mission Bay when the wind came through and it stopped the ride. It was dark and cold and scarey. I love going on that gondola ride in the daylight in the summer.

Our tourists were stuck 80 feet up above Mission Bay. There were 16 people and each one had to be rescued by firefighters individually. I heard there were blankets in the gondola but it was 48 degrees out.

There was a baby and a man who had recently suffered a stroke with mobility issues. Life guards manned a couple of boats below and the rescue began. It took 4 hours for the entire rescue to be completed. Happily everyone is safely on the ground. Ambulances were there to check them out. I tried to imagine how miserable that would be while I was warm and snuggly in my home. I wondered how they decided to rescue the baby. I assumed that was first priority. Did they take the mother down first so she would be there to greet the baby when it reached the ground or vice versa? I figure the man with mobility issues would be next. Then did they do the traditional women and children before the men routine? That was quite a rescue and I’m so glad we have such well trained first responders. So sorry for the unhappy experience the visitors had.

I was thinking that ride probably should have been shut down. The problem is the gust of wind came up suddenly and our mind set in San Diego is to not worry about weather. Now when I plan to go somewhere I am beginning to look and see what are we expecting with the weather. I want my usual boring weather back where everyday is the same …sunny and warm.

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