San Diego life style

What is this??

So tonight is the fourth night this vehicle has been parked in front of my house. I can’t imagine it being allowed to drive on our streets. It has an Arizona license plate.

Well I know that our city has passed a law letting the homeless live in their cars. We have a serious housing shortage so things that weren’t allowed in the past are now permitted.

People can live in garages. The difficulty with this vehicle …I haven’t seen anyone near it. Hmmmm! It is like it was abandoned. I don’t want to turn anyone in…I imagine someone will eventually. Housing, particularly low-income type is seriously missing in San Diego.

I assume with the new law I will see many more parked cars along our beach streets. I saw a fellow interviewed on tv in Ocean Beach saying if you are going to park your car to live in …it might as well be at the beach.

The biggest problem is no facilities for bathing and bathrooming needs. You can use your imagination as to how they handle that. A place to live is a big deal and solving the problem is not easy. I was surprised to see our city has approved housing families on the second floor of our community concourse right next to city hall. That is temporary, while a several story building is being constructed for low priced housing. Certainly I see the city is trying to figure it out.

Our city has the fourth largest population of homeless in the nation. That is because of our usual climate and the multiple programs available to assist them. We often find evidence of homeless having used our catamaran moored on the beach as their place to sleep. I know it’s comfortable. I would sleep there too. I truly don’t know the solution to compassionate treatment of the homeless.

I used to volunteer with a program that fed the homeless in Pacific Beach. My job was to greet them and let them know they are seen and heard. I got lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek. They are people with all kinds of issues and they have babies, children and pets. My cousin was living with me at the time and he really got into trying to help. I know for sure easy solution. It is complicated.

I just looked out the window…That car is still there.

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