San Diego life style

Lifestyle up high

San Diego has built many high rise condos. Check the skyline of San Diego and notice it has changed a lot over the past decade. Many have chosen to move downtown. People living there enjoy easy access to Balboa Park, museums and the zoo, walks along the Harbor, Petco Park events, amazing restaurants, all the events in the Gaslamp Quarter, the Symphony, the Old Globe theater and farmer’s markets and outdoor festivals. A wonderful new library.

Exercise abounds with runs and lots and lots of walking. Most report much more walking and counting steps has become a source of pride. Life is rich and full of opportunities and activities. Social clubs of all kinds including the private University Club atop the Symphony towers.

Amazing, unbeatable views of the city and San Diego Harbor from most of the many large windows of carefully spaced buildings that maximize views. Downtown San Diego is a lifestyle that appeals to many.

It is not ideal for families with children that love big backyards. Sporting activities for kids. Small little parks and local schools and neighborhoods with across the fence chatting. That lifestyle is in our other communities. Matching our comfort zone to the lifestyle is part of living in San Diego.

Mine is not the up high lifestyle. I always tense up and feel nervous riding up so many stories in the elevators. Walking down the hallways to access the front door and there is absolutely no way I can approach the outdoor balconies. I can see the incredible views back away from the windows. I recognize San Diego is a beautiful town and fabulous from the up high views. The problem is I can’t relax until my feet are back on the ground outside the building. Lifestyle up high in San Diego is perfect and exciting for many. The population of people living downtown is constantly growing. What an amazing place it is …just not for me.

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