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175 years

When I went to workout at the YMCA today I saw that they were decorated to celebrate 175 years of their existence. It started me thinking about how it has been part of my life.

The first time I went to the Y was on Broadway in downtown San Diego. I think it was the only Y at the time. I was a little girl. I remember it had a swimming pool and all of my family went in. I remember being left with the childcare and being upset. Later I remember thinking that it was strange that we all could go to the YMCA…I think there was a YWCA.

The next Y was in the College area and I took Scott to learn to swim and then later Gordon. Even though my memories of the childcare were scary for me I took my children there. The good news …they had fun. Eventually my grandchildren also went to the Y to learn to swim. They also went to the variety of summer camp programs. There was gymnastics and fencing and many other good kid activities.

Although I joined a variety of clubs and work out places…I always returned to the Y. I believed it was a wholesome place and well run. Their equipment was well maintained and regularly updated. All people of all physical abilities were welcomed and assisted. It is a wonderful family oriented spot. Many of the other clubs I joined were designed for adults.

So in recent years the YMCA has been my exercise home. Before I retired I got up early and went to workout before going to school. I remember thinking it strange that I would find many seniors that were no longer working there early in the morning. I asked them why they came so early. It turns out they had trouble sleeping and it was a good activity before they started their day.

On 9/11 I was at the Y on a treadmill working out as the news was breaking on the tv’s around the room. I knew I had to stop and get to school to deal with the children and families that would be showing up. I taught where there were many military families. They would need their adult time to assess their lives while we at school managed the children.

I continue to love going to the Y. There are many more programs and workout classes there than I take advantage of but, they are available when I get bored. One of my new routines has been to grab a protein shake and drink it while I am working out. I go to the Mission Valley Y but, I have noticed a new facility is going into Pacific Beach. Always expanding and growing. 175 years of serving communities, promoting health and healthy activities. A great organization that I am glad is here. I hope for many more years of the YMCA.

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