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Am I Hearing Things

Yes. I am hearing birds singing in the morning and waking me up. There is no more beautiful sound than birds singing. The first time I heard it I thought it was my imagination. This morning it was definitely birds singing. The news has been telling us to bring our animals inside because it is too cold to leave them outside. Somehow the birds are hanging in there. I am waiting to hear my favorite …The mocking bird. He sings real loud at three in the morning. The neighbors hate it but I love it. To me it is such a happy sound.

So I have been noticing signs but ignoring them. Now I think Spring is coming. The birds always dive bomb me when I walk near their nests. A bird near my front door has dive bombed me twice. I have a Boston Fern by my garage door. Sparrows have built a nest in there several years in a row. The funny thing about that Boston Fern is that it is not real. I tried to grow real ones there but the ferns always died. So I just bought this fake one and put it up there. I hate fake plants but I really wanted a Boston Fern there.

One morning shortly after I put that fern up I heard my gardners rolling over with laughter. It turns out one of the gardners was watering the fake fern. The other gardner saw him and gave him such a ration about that.

Apparently it is good enough to fool the birds too.

I have the ring security video camera on my back porch. I discovered two different animals come to my porch in the night…opossum and raccoons.

Recently I told my kids I think one of the raccoons is pregnant. Then last night it looked like there was a baby on the oppossum’s back. I asked one of my son’s to look. We both think that it is a baby. It had not been around for awhile and now with a baby. The fat raccoon has disppeared so maybe next I will see baby raccoons.

I was standing next to a kind of scrawny looking plant this morning and noticed little green shoots starting to grow at the end of the stems. I think it is impossible to ignore Spring is coming and I love it.

4 thoughts on “Am I Hearing Things

  1. I like your wild creatures. We’ve been waiting for the Borrego flowers but animal creatures are more fun. Good post.

    1. They are crazy…I hear Borrego is going to be spectacular this year. Bound to be some animal type little ones out there.

      Peggy Fleury

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2019, 5:23 PM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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