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Celebrities…I Just Don’t Pay Attention

When I was young I knew and recognized everyone. Now I recognize no one. I lost interest … I enjoy their performance but don’t worry about who they are. On the late show I saw Neil Patrick Harris and I thought of a great experience. I volunteered at the Old Globe Theater gift shop. One afternoon a nice couple came in looking for memorabilia for their son. He was currently playing Romeo and they were very proud. We checked out the shirts, sweatshirts etc. They bought a few things and then off they went

A little later they were back with their son. I started teasing him about appreciating his parents and all they got for him. We went back and forth with jokes and fun teasing. Then they left. The other gals working with me asked if I knew who he was…no…Neil Patrick Harris… I still didn’t know …Doogie Howser..oh , I had seen that. Since then I have seen him several times …I think he is a talented guy… and now I remember our joshing session in the gift shop fondly.

Another celebrity encounter I did recognize immediately. The problem was I wanted to imitate him …It was Henry Winkler. He was standing right in front of me in line at an airport in Hawaii. We were island hopping. People continually came up to him and chatted. The urge to say “hey” in my Fonz voice was so strong. I just kept smiling and had to say nothing. After we got away from him I told my family about wanting to let out the Fonz while I was standing there. They understood…they felt the same way. If I didn’t recognize him I could have enjoyed a good conversation. I love it when I’m just having fun with anonymous people. Celebrities …eh!!

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