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Nailpolish Remover and Me

Well it happened again someone scraped along the side of my car while it was in a parking lot. It has been suggested to me that my less than perfect parking job has something to do with it. Once I was told that I didn’t park my car …I just abandoned it. Hmmm…very funny.

So I confess that I am partially respjustonsible for the problem. It is probably not a good sign that I am recognized at the car repair place and that we have our set routine down. Also probably bad that my friends ask for car repair guy recommendations.

Another bad indicator is that I know the whole history of the company and their various name changes. But I could kiss the guy there that gave me the nail polish remover tip. OMG. It is a miracle and a whole lot of little dings (my specialty) disappear with a little bit of nail polish remover and a little elbow grease.

When I was walking around my car this morning I noticed the scrape without even a moment’s hesitation I went in and headed straight for the medicine cabinet where I keep my nail polish remover and a little tissue and I was ready for the job. Within minutes my paint job was perfect again. Love it.

When I was told about this it seemed ridiculous to me to put remover on my paint. The guy explained to me that there is a protective coating on the paint and it won’t hurt my car. Best tip ever for me!! It has been suggested I buy it in gallon bottle sizes. Now really?

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