San Diego life style


When I was a PB kid our Pacific Beach Little League guys were good. They won enough games to go back to Williamsburgh for The Little League World Series games.

My dad introduced me to baseball by taking me to games at Lane Field a neat old baseball park downtown by the harbor. Our team was in the minor league. So I learned the rules and got into the fun of the game.

Our San Diego Padres have had some great games and outstanding players. Tony Gwynn always there. I was at the one World Series game played here when we played the New York Yankees. It was so amazing but, we got beat and the New York fans were obnoxious. The standing ovation for our team after the game went on over 5 minutes and it was totally fun thanking the team for the great year.

One day at City Club George Mitrovitch announced the plans for a new downtown ballpark and encouraged supporting The Committee of 2000. Sounded exciting so I donated money and mostly volunteer hours to support the new ballpark. It had to pass approval in an election. I volunteered several hours at the Hall of Champions where they had a display of outstanding ballparks around the country. We did win the election and now we have a great ballpark.

During that period I got to know some of the Padre bigwigs. Mostly I enjoyed listening to Bruce Bochy team manager. He has a great personality and good sense of humor, He eventually went to San Francisco where he was able to create several winning teams. I heard this season will be his last.

I even joined the Madres a woman’s group that supports the Padres. A friend of mine of was President of the group and convinced me I would love being a member. Wrong…I had no idea people knew the stats on everyone way back and would do anything to hang out and get pictures with the guys. So not me…my membership in that group was short lived.

For our Padres every season starts out with lots of hype and hope. But, then eventually they become our usual Padres and we end up in last place. Well again this season hopes are up as we get ready for Opening Day.

This season the Padres did something they have never done…They put out big dollars and have the player with one of the most expensive contracts in the league. Wow!! Maybe they are serious. Once again I am a pre-season believer.

Then I saw something that I could not pass up. They are having theme Fridays and on my birthday the theme is Margaritaville. It is like that was created just for me since I have been a Parrothead (Jimmy Buffet fan) since the 70s. So I bought a group of tickets and told my family we are celebrating my birthday at the baseball park. Now I believe the Padres will be a winning team by then and it will be a beautiful sunny day. (Not a June gloom day.) Yep …I’m a believer once again.

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