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Money … What is It?


Coins, paper bills, sea shells …digital records…is it just our imagination. It represents so much of value to so many. I wonder when we will decide it’s not real. Some day I hope other joys will hold the power to draw our desires be what we value. In the meantime I think coins are particularly fun.

One of the treasures my family held onto are gold pieces from my grandfather. His father had given them to him. The financial value is not important… the treasure was what it represented to all of us who have touched them and felt the relationship and meaning it represented between father and son. When my parents passed away they were in their safe deposit box. My brother and I divided them up. Eventually I gave them to my grandson as his Bar Mitzvah gift. Now they are in another safe deposit box.

That gift got us into working together on the hobby of coin collecting. Coins are so fascinating …people spend hours searching, organizing and study the fine details of coins. I confess I spent dollars buying fun coins for the collection. Every child should have a hobby collecting things …Coins are definitely a good choice.

When you travel to different countries part of the experience is the different money. In Canada they have Loonies ($1) and Toonies($2)..and other coins like the really thin dime. There are no pennies. Spending money is a different task …you have to remember to spend the coins for the small thing or you will get weighted down. No pennies means you round up or down when the purchase requires the nonexistent cent.

I just signed up for the Royal Canadian Mint website. They create the coolest coins. They have glow in the dark coins. One is a glow in the dark dinosaur. Next summer when I am back living on Vancouver Island one of my goals is to find glow in dark coins. The pictures of them are great. Those crazy Canadians…I love the fun spirit that allows them to have the idea of glow in the dark coins. I want to hold some in my hands.

When I live in Canada I get the benefit of the difference in value between the US dollar and Canadian dollar. Sadly for the Canadians it is currently 75 cents to our US dollar. I reap the value of the difference every summer that I am there. Soon I am traveling to Scotland where the currency is the British Pound. I will get to know what it feels like to be on the wrong side of the currency value. The US dollar is currently 77 cents to 1 British Pound.

Money …It is such an arbitrary thing. When will we lose faith in it’s value? Back to sea shells …gold?

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