San Diego life style

Time …Daylight Savings my Favorite

To me it means summer is coming and the long days and short nights are returning. That is great news.. My happy time. I still remember how much fun it was as a little kid to be able to go back outside after dinner and play because it was still daylight. I also remember how crazy it was to have to go to bed when it was still daylight.

I happily move my clock ahead one hour. I wonder what it is like in Scotland next month …Do they have daylight savings? I hope so.

One the joys of living in Canada in the summer is the long daylight hours until 10pm. I love it …grab dinner and out you go for 3 or 4 more hours of after dinner fun.

Changing sleep patterns … just a small adjustment. Many people late for appointments and I remember late to church…well worth it to me. I will understand all the yawning for the next couple of days. ….HAPPY DAYLIGHT

Had to include that cute Stonehenge joke.

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