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How About A Nap?

I used to fight the idea of taking a nap. During kindergarten nap time I was the one awake and whispering. My mother would would send us to our room and tell us to take a nap. She would stretch out on the couch and fall asleep. Of course the fun was to tiptoe down the hall and sneak past her wide awake.

The thought of taking a nap never entered my head. I recently saw work desks designed with a place to stretch out for a nap while at work. I can’t imagine doing that. I would just grab a fresh cup of coffee when I felt tired and I always had a cup of coffee with me.

Recently I have felt like taking naps and really enjoyed the relaxation. I am amazed at how refreshing a nap is. I awake with renewed energy ready to go tackle the next task. I think it’s called getting your second wind.

Thinking About naps reminds me of a really cute child’s book called The Napping House …where everyone is sleeping. Fun to read to kids. Most kids don’t mind naps and it is not uncommon to find a child that has fallen asleep at their desk. One of my favorite images of my little ones was when they would fall asleep at the table…so funny.

I am waiting for the weather to change so I can go to my favorite napping place. The beach. There is nothing like stretching out on the soft sand with the sun beating down. I always bring a book pretending that I am going to read. Almost instantly asleep.

When I was working on getting a Master’s Degree I went to classes after teaching all day. I was a wife and mom and so you can imagine what would happen when I stopped to study. I started to worry that my kids would think that the word study meant fall asleep with your face in your book.

Today is National Napping Day…I don’t know if I will take a nap. Now I do support the idea of taking a quick cat nap. My cats are always napping ..They are napping pros.

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