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The Poppy my Favorite Wildflower

I learned to notice and love poppies in Elementary school where we were taught that it was California’s state flower. I always notice them growing wild along the highways. It makes me happy to see them because they are supposed to be there…after all they are our state flower. To be chosen makes me believe there must be some history to their existance growing along fields in California. The intense golden color and the good sized petals make gorgeous views across a field.

With all the rain we have had this Winter our Springtime wild flowers are already making for a spectacular show. Drives to our desert to see the wild flowers are up and the crowded roadsides with people stopped to enjoy create a slight issue for those who live in the desert. For the most part they are currently happily sharing their desert with the cityfolk.

When I was in Canada for Remembrance day last Fall it was the beautiful Red Poppy. The symbol of the WWI dead and war dead that followed…still worn by all on that special day. It stirred my heart to see the honor shown by Canadians. From WWI it was the field of Flanders covered with Red Poppies that inspired a poem and then the symbol.

There is nothing like a field of poppies to draw attention to nature’s beauty. I decided to look it up. Some years I see very few poppies growing and then years like this one the fields are full of poppies. Why? Of course the rain is a big part of it. The fascinating part is that poppies are classified as “followers. They come out following an event like a fire. Poppies flourish where there was a fire and the needed water arrives. Another event poppies follow is drought. Well we have just finished a long period of drought and have had some pretty bad fires…formula for beautiful fields of our California poppies. I went to see the flowers last year. I might just get drawn back out to the desert to see them again. The desert all a bloom with all those wonderful wild flowers. I imagine those beautiful fields of Flanders full of Red Poppies were following the devastation of WWI. What a cool gift from nature to follow unfortunate events with beautiful fields if poppies. Don’t drive past without noticing the view…My favorite poppies our state flower.

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