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Unexpected Relatives

Well I sent my ancestry DNA kit off last night. I have been playing around with ancestry for several years. The internet and ancestry programs have changed a person’s ability to access that information by leaps and bounds. I watched my father painstakingly research his family. Writing for information from his sisters, second cousins and all available living relatives. Getting records from old bibles and family memories of the older generation. One year he gave me the narrative he had written and our family tree as a birthday gift. I still have and treasure that gift. I understood how many hours and what a huge effort that represented. He had a whole closet in a bedroom with all he had collected. One day he told me he had done all he could and he was turning the job over to me. Wow …I so wish I could share with him All I have now…The information age sure blew open data on my family. When my parents died and my brother and I were sharing possessions all I wanted was that closet full of records.

Shortly after my husband died I went to a big family reunion in Canada my second cousins…we were all the descendents of three brothers who had immigrated from Ireland to Ontario, Canada. We had an incredible three day weekend hanging out at a beautiful campground in Saskatchewan late into the evening with the long summer daylight hours. The joy of sharing stories, singing songs and hearing from family members and their research was a family binding experience that I will never forget. Apparently many didn’t forget me either…I sent one of my cousins to the next one and he said everyone wanted to know where I was.

In a few weeks Gordon and I are returning to Kilmartin in the Argyll forest in the highlands of Scotland. This is our second trip. We know the location of the gravesites of our family and we are excited about what else we will find.

Now I am interested in my DNA results not to know where I am from because I know that. I am interested in seeing the DNA verification that shows up on the Ancestry family trees. You can hit those leaves that show up in the program and go way back … now looking forward to the DNA connection.

Wonder if there are any surprises…two of my friends have discovered DNA verified siblings…half brother and a half sister. Now that is fun…family surprise. Now I am not expecting that but, there are the condoms my brother found in my grandfather’s toolbox. Funny!

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