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Hello Mockingbird

I’m so happy you are back. You’ve been singing since midnight and I love every minute. You fill the night with beautiful, happy sounds. I decided to have a cup of tea and sit up to listen to your serenade. So pure and loud like a real concert. I came to my kitchen because that is where I hear you best. My cats hear you too and I won’t let them out. Nothing is going to chase you away.

I welcome you back and I hope you come every night you bring me such joy. What a repertoire of different bird songs you have. This is the first time I ever remember being so ready for Spring and the change from winter.

Good bye rain and hello sunshine. It’s time for the wearing of the Green but, for me it is my first official beach day in a long time. I can hardly wait to feel the sand between my toes and the sun beating down on me. Ahh..truly paradise. The birds were busy at the nest by my front door…back and forth many times. Maybe their eggs have hatched…I haven’t heard any tweets yet.

I see the butterflies flew through San Diego in the last few days…they didn’t come through the beach this year but they have in past years. Such a sight on their way to Oregon from Mexico. Isn’t migration a strange thing of nature.

Whale watching is out of sight right now. Not our usual California Grey Whales but one day last week 21 humpback whales were spotted.

Can I go outside and play? For sure… our San Diego outdoor playtime is back. Nothing better.

I hope everyone puts down those electronic devices and enjoys. Maybe they need to be sent on a leprechaun hunt. I hear they hide their pots of gold under bushes…or in my case under seashells. My mockingbird is still singing…that’s at least 2 hours straight. So back to bed for me…sometimes peace and quiet means time to listen to nature. Not a siren to be heard…sing me to sleep my little bird friend. Do you have any lullabies?

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