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Beach Sand

I grew up with miles of white sandy beaches. One of my favorite things is laying in the sand. It soaks up all the sun and feels so warm. On really hot summer days you can barely walk on it barefoot because it gets so hot. You have to do the hot foot dance til you escape to a towel or a grassy spot. Good idea to have your flip flops ready to step into before you venture out on that sand. I have done many a hot foot dance when I forgot to grab them.

One of the signs that beach time has come is the sand that gets in my car, my house, my bath tub and even my bed. I was shocked the first time I was with a friend who hated sand and thought of it as disgusting dirt. Amazing how different people can perceive everyday things.

My family loves to lay in the sand, get buried in the sand and build tunnels and sand castles. The little guys bring their buckets and shovels and play in the sand. Before we leave the beach we have to take a quick jump back in the ocean to rinse off. We still bring a lot home. Not for a moment do we think of the sand as anything but a wonderful part of going to the beach.

When I started going to Vancouver Island I discovered that white sandy beaches were not necessarily a given. Some beaches are covered in logs. When I saw the logs on the beach along English Bay in Vancouver I thought how clever to set out logs for people to sit on. Oh no…those logs found their way to the beach on their own. In my summer home in Sidney, BC the beach is called Glass Beach. It got that name for a reason …it is full of sea glass. It’s funny to see everyone bent over picking up pieces of sea glass …me too.

On Island View Beach it is necessary to step over many small and large logs and that is the beach. The closest white sandy beach was around a lake. When I wanted to sun bathe I went to the Elk/Beaver Lake beaches…not the same as ocean beaches but it worked.

Now I understand why our tourist information advertises our miles of white sandy beaches. It really is special and I have lived by them all my life and never even realized I need to treasure them.

2 thoughts on “Beach Sand

  1. That is a nice pic of you on the beach. Is Beaver Lake a nude beach? It had to get its name somehow.

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